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Bornholm. Isle of sunshine. Joy. Nature. Scandinavia the exotic way!    
A morning walk on a white sandy beach. The weather is wonderful. Impressive rocks jut out of the sea. Take in the sights. Enjoy the tranquility. Feel the unique atmosphere. As evening approaches and the sun slowly sinks towards the horizon - you realise the true meaning of the word holiday!

Bornholm is exotic. Its landscapes are different. Nowhere else in Denmark boasts more hours of sunshine. The atmosphere is Mediterranean. Yet the experiences are nearby. The ferries from Sassnitz in Germany or Ystad in Sweden conveys you fast and comfortable to Bornholm.

We offer a wide range of accomodation from simple camping chalets to splendid holiday homes, and we will also gladly help you to book your coach, ferry or plane tickes. Further details about our holiday venues are available here:

Dueodde Badehotel, Dueodde

Gudhjem Søpark, Gudhjem

Gudhjem Feriepark, Gudhjem
Attractive holiday apartments sleeping 2 to 4, located next to one of the best sandy beaches in Northern Europe. Miles of chalky sandy beach await you. If you prefer woods and beach, Dueodde Badehotel is the perfect choice for you Beautiful holiday apartments sleeping 4 to 6, built in the autumn of 2006/spring of 2007, welcome you with splendid views of the sea. Attractively situated between the village of Gudhjem, the rocky coast of the sea. Occupants of these apartments have free admission to Gudhjem's indoor swimming baths located nearby. Well-situated holiday homes sleeping 4 to 6, at the edge of Gudhjem. 900 metres from Gudhjem Beach. Swimming pool and play area at the holiday centre. To paraphrase Shakespeare, "Gudhjem is such stuff as dreams are made on" - you'll know why once you've been here! Welcome to a wonderful holiday - all year round.

Hasle Feriepark, Hasle

Hasle Hytteby, Hasle

Klintely Holiday Homes, Sandkaas
Well-appointed holiday homes sleeping 4 to 6, located in Hasle Woods. Discount available if your party consists of "only" two people. Swimming pool with wading pool, bouncy cushions and playing area, as well as a minigolf course and a multi-arena (soccer, hockey, basket) at the holiday centre. 400 metres from one of Bornholm's best beaches where you can also sense the presence of history, as 170-million-year-old dinosaur fossils have found here on several occasions! Small, cosy holiday chalets sleeping 2 to 4, situated in connection with Hasle Feriepark. All chalets were refurbished in 2007 and have an attractive appearance. Showers and toilets in a common facilities building. Swimming pool with wading pool, bouncy cushions and playing area, as well as a minigolf course and a multi-arena (soccer, hockey, basket) at the holiday centre.
A fine low-cost holiday venue.
Seven splendid holiday homes built in 2006. Lovely views of the sea from the holiday homes, sleeping 6 to 8, 400 metres from the sea where you will experience a pictoresque combination of sandy beach and rugged rocky coastline. At Klintely, you can also rent double rooms and apartments, and a breakfast buffet is also available.
Klintely er både hotellejligheder og ferielejligheder på Bornholms nordside
Klintely Apartments, Sandkaas
Indbegrebet af hygge i Gudhjem - bliv en del af Bornholms turismehistorie
Pension Koch, Gudhjem

Pool, legeland og masser aktiviteter på Storløkke i Allinge
Storløkke Feriepark, Allinge

Klintely welcomes you with well-appointed double rooms and apartments sleeping 2 or 2 to 4. Views of the sea from all rooms and apartments. The beach is located only 400 metres  from Klintely, while cycling or hiking paths start right from your doorstep. Behind Klintely, you will find "Storedalen", a beautiful rift valley created during the Ice Age. Lovely 2-person flats and double rooms with views of the Baltic Sea and the village of Gudhjem. All flats have either a balcony or a patio. Cosy garden with barbeque tables. A stay at Pension Kock is the epitome of a holiday. Look forward to the venue's cosy atmosphere! Splendid holiday cottages at a family-friendly holiday centre situated in peaceful, scenic surroundings. Holiday cottages sleeping 2, 2 to 4 and 4 to 6, modernised in 2008. The swimming pool area with wading pool was modernised in 2010. Beautiful green areas with bouncy cushions, playing areas, multi-arena (soccer, hockey, basket) at the holiday centre.

Æblehaven, Allinge

Østersøen, Svaneke

Splendid holiday homes sleeping 4 to 6, located in a former apple orchard. In the spring, the flowering apple trees are lovely and in late summer you can take a bite of these delicious Bornholm apples. Beautifully located near the sea and the centre of Allinge. A pool with wading pool, bouncy cushions and playing area at the holiday centre. All holiday homes were modernised in 2007. Welcome to superb apartments in an old merchant's estate from the 18th century with a fabulous location: right on Svaneke Harbour with views of the Baltic Sea. The courtyard garden has a Mediterranean atmosphere with swimming pool, roses, palm trees and fig trees. Apartments sleep from 2 to 10.



Dueodde - Beautiful Beach
One of Europe's finest sandy beaches. Lovely holiday flats equipped for 2-4 persons. 3 nights during the high season: 588 EUR. Discounts in May, June and September.

Gudhjem - Nice Guesthouse
Charming double rooms or holiday flats. Beautifully situated overlooking the village of Gudhjem. 3 nights during the high season, 397 EUR. Discounts in May, June and September.


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