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Klintely is situated in Sandkass/Allinge, North Bornholm. Allinge was the original tourist destination when tourism started on Bornholm in the early 1900s.

The area's beautiful unique combination of sandy beach and rugged rocky coastline was presumably the reason that affluent Danes and Germans flocked to Allinge a century ago.

The Hammerknuden nature area, including the largest castle ruin in Northern Europe, is located just outside Allinge. You can look forward to hiking along beautiful trails with unrivalled panoramas. If your appetite is more adventurous, exchange the hiking and panoramas for soaring through the landscape?

Allinge is a charming port. The town hosts an annual Jazz Festival, collectors' markets and town fêtes, and the small cafés along the waterfront are buzzing with activity and atmosphere. Many of the attractions and sights of interest that make Bornholm a unique holiday destination are located near Allinge.

Allinge and North Bornholm are also the home of Bornholm's legendary figure "Krølle Bølle", a troll child. If your children are with you on holiday, they will love to listen to stories about Krølle Bølle and his enchanting experiences.

Whether Krølle Bølle is responsible is hard to say, but the book "Det mystiske Denmark" (Danish Mysteries) recounts many stories of mysterious shimmering objects moving at great speed across the skies of North Bornholm. For instance, a German tourist saw a saucer-shaped vessel fly out of Hammerknuden through a large opening that suddenly appeared in a rock wall. Shortly afterwards, a number of yachters saw a similar object fly up from the sea near Hammerknuden and continue straight up into the sky until they lost sight of it.

More down-to-earth activities await you along the waterfront in Allinge, where there are daily ferry connections to Ertholmene with its two small inhabited islands of Christiansø and Frederiksø north-north-east of Bornholm. In the 1700s, the islands were transformed into Denmark's advanced naval base in the Baltic Sea. The naval base was a thorn in the side of the British, who bombarded the islands several times. But Ertholmene held its ground and maintained its affiliation with Denmark. The cannons are still there, and together with the unique setting and scenery, the islands are brimming with atmosphere from that intriguing period of history. 

It is also possible to take a boat trip, departing from Hammerhavnen north-west of Allinge, where small boats offer sightseeing trips along the coast. The rocky coast is even more dramatic when viewed from the sea. As you pass below the old castle ruin of Hammershus, you will be able to vividly imagine how the castle was once an impregnable fortress in Denmark's turbulent Middle Ages. Your captain tells stories to spice up your experience, which will definitely not make it less interesting!


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