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Hasle Cottage Centre - "Hasle Hytteby"

Hasle Cottage Centre "Hasle Hytteby". In the middle of the woods. 400 metres to a sandy beach. Inexpensive.

Lots of activities for you and your family. New playmates for your children. They'll have fun at the playground or the swimming pool.

The day draws to a close. An evening stroll along the beach. Barefoot in the warm sand. The sun sets on the horizon. Relaxing.

Hasle Hytteby, which is connected to "Hasle Feriepark", consists of 40 small, but well-furnished cabins with four sleeping spaces each. Each cabin has a small kitchenette, but if more space is needed, you are welcome to use the common kitchen in the main building nearby. 

The main building also has bathing facilities, toilets and a pleasant television lounge.

Hasle Hytteby is ideal if you are looking for inexpensive accomodation combined with many activities for children. 


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