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Hasle Feriepark is placed in the city Hasle on the Westcoast of Bornholm.

Hasle has its roots back to the 11th century, but it was only around the 15th century, that the city became well-known. It slowly developed into an enterprising fishing and agricultural city, with an important extra profit made by destilled spirits.

Later huge occurrence of coal and clay in Hasle's subsoil became an important source of income. In the 19th century the competition from abroad became to hard and the clay and coal industries had to close. The industries left rather big holes in the ground, which today have turned into beautiful lakes, with a richly animal life.

Hasle has one of Bornholm's best beaches which remarkable enough is one of the beaches with the fewest visitors. It is only in the last couple of years, that the tourists have noticed Hasle as a holiday destination. Beside beeing an impressive city with a beautiful beach, the city also offers art exhibitions and a herring smoke house. The herring smoke house is a "living museum" that shows the devellopment of herring smoking through times.

The dunes along the coast of Hasle was formed for about 170 million years ago. At that time Bornholm had a tropical climate, and in the ocean the plesiosaur was waiting with its big jaw and sharp teeths, while the sauropods ruled the earth. Sauropods were dinasours, whom with a length of 40 meters are the biggest animals ever to have walked the earth. Go for a walk along the beach there are good possibilities of finding fossils from the past. In June 2004 there was footprints found from a Sauropod - it was "only" 20 meters long.

North of Hasle you will find the small idyllic fishing hamlets Helligpeder and Teglkaas along with the impressive cliff formation "Jons Kapel". According to history Jon was washed ashore by the cliff formation after a shipwreck. In gratitude of having survived, Jon started proclaiming Christianity. From the high cliffs of which some of them are shaped as a pulpit - Jon proclaimed Christianity to the heathen population, and therefore the cliffs are now called "Jons Kapel" 

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