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Hotel Østersøen - History

From Merchant's Estate to Holiday Apartments

In the 1700s and 1800s, Svaneke was the home port of prosperous ship owners who built splendid merchant's houses along the waterfront. A merchant's estate has been located at the site of Hotel Østersøen for centuries. The oldest records date back to 1758 when Mrs Else Chats inherited the merchant's estate from her husband. Herman Jørgen Hansen, a prominent Svaneke merchant and vice consul, took over the merchant's house in 1804.
The merchant's estate was owned by the Hansen family until Mr Munch, a surveyor and son-in-law of a family member, took over Hotel Østersøen in 1870. Shortly afterwards, he set up an "inn" in some of the buildings. The inn was enlarged in 1889, enabling Munch to also offer "lodgings to an esteemed clientele", according to an advertisement in the local newspaper.
Hotel Østersøen gained a reputation as one of Bornholm's leading hotels for Bornholm's tourists and permanent residents up through the 1900s. The hotel was painstakingly rebuilt into holiday apartments in 1990, and the old courtyard was transformed into a flower garden with a swimming pool.
In 2008 (the 250th anniversary of Mrs Chat's takeover), the hotel's flats were thoroughly modernised under the management of Pernille Bülow, one of Bornholm's most prominent and innovative craft artists. Although much has happened over the course of 250 years, we're convinced that Mrs Chat would be pleased with the elegant new interior décor.

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